Managed Dedicated server

Plan description

Our dedicated server plans feature lightning-fast processors, up to 64 GB of RAM, True-Unlimited bandwidth, and Xeon processors, all backed by the best service and support in the industry, available 24/7. With our exclusive Server Concierge, you don't have to worry about setup — our team of experts will help get your server up and running fast! Choose the plan that's right for you, then customize it to meet your unique needs with even more options, control panels, backup plans, firewall protection and more.

When to use Dedicated server?

Dedicated servers, like their name, are dedicated solely to a single clients. This gives added security and flexibility; you are not sharing contended resources with anyone else. If the sites need high performance even in the peak traffic times, then you must host your website with dedicated hosting server where you can find flexible options and features to minimize the response time for the user requests. You can host any number of domains with dedicated IPs and can have full access on it. Dedicated server hosting comes in both Windows and Linux OS. Depends on the site technology, you can choose any one among them.

Why our Dedicated servers?

Our dedicated servers can be hosted in the USA only. Our network is never oversold and bandwidth guaranteed. Our client interface make it easy to handle all important aspects of a dedicated server. We also offer remote hands for FREE on the dedicated servers where our expert team can help you with any request you have without any monthly maintenance fee. Our portfolio includes cheap and powerfull dedicated servers - time to select your own box !

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