Hybrid Plans

  • Domains
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth


  • Domain
  • 1GB Disk Space
  • 10GB Traffic
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  • Domain
  • 5GB Disk Space
  • 100GB Traffic
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  • Unlimited Domains
  • 10GB Disk space
  • Unlimited Traffic
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Plan description

With our hybrid hosting plan you will also get all the tools needed for creating, maintaining and growing your website. Upon registration you will get a cPanel account with all the tools needed for creating blogs, video sites, forums ... Anything you wish can be created just with a few clicks by using softaculous. Hybrid hosting is more suitable for business usage and more security oriented sites. We use special shell called 1h (Prime Quickhosting) where you are fully isolated in your account. Cost of this plan is slightly higher but more security and reliability is a "no brainier" when you are selecting your plan.

What is hybrid hosting?

Hybrid hosting is similar to shared hosting with few big differences. It addresses one of the most common issues for servers with multiple users and minimizes the possibility of a single account affecting the security of the other accounts and the whole server performance. This is achieved by creating a unique security environment on the server through a chroot mechanism where each user is limited to its own directory. Even if there is a single account with a security flaw, the other users on the server could not be attacked through the web server or the cron services. Chroot gives you unique option to select your own PHP version!

Why our hybrid hosting plan?

Firstly, you will hardly find such a great setup, security and uptime on other host. Our uptime on hybrid servers is 100% guaranteed and covered with SLA. Improved security, more reliability and chroot mechanism are ideal for any serious website or business owner. When you compare our hybrid service with any other provider even with shared hosting plans you will see that even our highest hybrid package is cheaper then other hosts cheapest shared starter package. So why to pay more for less - join our hybrid community and enjoy benefits!

Features Starter Advanced Ultimate

 Price (per Year)

 SR700  SR900 SR1200

Disk Space (GB)

 1 5 10+Upgrade
Bandwidth (GB) Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited 
 Number of Domains Allowed  1  1  Unlimited 
 30 Day Money Back Guarantee  Yes  Yes Yes 
 Instant Activation  Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Locked Price  Yes  Yes  Yes 
 No Setup Fee  Yes Yes   Yes 


Plan Specials/Comparison

Features Starter Advanced Ultimate
Beginer Website Builder No No No
CodeGuard Integration No No No
Extra Backup Tools No No No
Spam Mail Filter Yes Yes Yes
SSH Access Available Yes Yes Yes
Resource Burst Yes Yes Yes
Track Cpu/Memory Yes Yes Yes
Per Directory PHP Version Yes Yes Yes
Full Account Isolation Yes Yes Yes


Panel & Plugins

Features Starter Advanced Ultimate
cPanel Control Panel Yes  Yes Yes
FFmpeg Provider Yes  Yes Yes
Free Attracta SEO Tools  Yes  Yes Yes
Free Website Migration  Yes  Yes Yes
Free Website Builder  Yes  Yes Yes 
Google Apps Integration  Yes  Yes Yes
Cloudflare CDN Plugin  Yes  Yes Yes
Softaculous Auto-Installer  Yes  Yes  Yes
Instant Install SSL Certificates  Yes  Yes  Yes
Daily Account Backups  Yes  Yes  Yes
No contracts or Hidden Fees  Yes  Yes  Yes


FTP & E-mail

Features Starter Advanced Ultimate
FTP Accounts 3 Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Sub-Domains 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Parked Domains 5 Unlimited Unlimited
E-Mail Accounts (POP3/Imap) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mailing Lists Yes Yes Yes
IMAP/SMTP Server Yes Yes Yes
Email Alias Yes Yes Yes
Auto Responders Yes Yes Yes
Webmail Enabled Yes Yes Yes
Catch-All Email Yes Yes Yes
Spam Assassin Yes Yes Yes
Email Forwarding Yes Yes Yes


Scripts & Database

Features Starter Advanced Ultimate
Your own CGI-BIN Directory Yes Yes Yes
Perl (w/Free Module Installation) Yes Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes Yes
Script Installs Yes Yes Yes
Auto-install CMS, Blogs & Forums Yes Yes Yes
Python Installed Yes Yes Yes
PHP Supported (V5) Yes Yes Yes
ionCube Loader & Zend Optimizer Yes Yes Yes
Server Side Includes (SSI) Yes Yes Yes
IP Deny Manager Yes Yes Yes
Password Protected Directories Yes Yes Yes
Hotlink Protection Yes Yes Yes
phpMyAdmin Supported Yes Yes Yes
MySQL & PostgreSQL Yes Yes Yes


Logs & Chart

Features Starter Advanced Ultimate
AWStats Real Time Updates Yes Yes Yes
Webalizer Visitor Stats Yes Yes Yes
Logaholic Web Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Referrer / Error / Raw Logs Yes Yes Yes
Private SSL Allowed Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated IP Yes Yes Yes
osCommerce Cart Yes Yes Yes
Cube Cart Yes Yes Yes
Magento Compatible Yes Yes Yes


If you are not sure which plan to choose please send an email to sales@quickhosting.com.sa for a free consultation.